Frequently Asked Questions

When will systems be delivered?

The whole process will not take more than a day . On confirmation of the order over phone w.r.t. price, nos. , our official visits the site of installation to see infrastructure readiness. This would be only a first time process, the next time for any more systems, we will deliver the systems immediately on confirmation over phone.

When should I make the payment?

Payment is made in advance on receipt of systems. Then the payment is made within 7 days on receipt of the invoice. Cheque and online payment options available.

Do I have to pay for the entire month if I return systems on a particular date or is it prorated?

Systems are charged only till the date of usage. You pay for only what you have used. We stop the billing on the day we are informed about return of the systems either over phone or mail. The actual pickup may take a few days as most of the times, backup data needs to be taken and our personnel will pickup systems at a suitable time at zero cost.

How long does it take for the service engineer to attend to a issue reported by customer?

It is usually immediate depending on the distance of client site from our office, severity of the issue, and urgency. We do promise of prompt and efficient service on any issue reported on rented equipments to the utmost satisfaction of customers.

Can I move the rented equipment from one location to another?

Yes. However, as we are the legal owners of the equipment, you must notify us & receive approval before the equipment is moved.

Can APEX lend software installation support?

Absolutely. We will render software installation support on request. If you can provide the necessary softwares prior to installation, we will assist you in the same. However please note that APEX does not supply any software.

How do I reach APEX after normal business hours?

You can reach us by calling our emergency line @ 42110206. A qualified technician will return your call within 5 minutes.


Myth 1-Why should companies rent when they have the cash to buy one.

It is often felt that it is better to buy our own IT equipment rather than lease, and more so if companies have plenty of cash in hand; but viewing balance sheets of companies dispels this myth. It would always be wiser to invest the cash in appreciating assets rather than in depreciating assets like IT equipment; leaving the cash to be “earning” and not be an “underperforming asset”. Leasing the IT equipment are also 100% tax deductible.

The much promoted ‘cost of capital’ is certainly not the sole criteria when it comes to deciding whether to lease or buy. The decision is more about how to leverage an asset, throughout its lifetime, for the best outcome for the company/organization.

Myth 2-We spend more on leasing rather than buying.

Definitely leasing can cost more than buying your IT equipment. But a closer look may reveal that leasing has provided that extra cash spared for investing in better portals to boost productivity and efficiency. Also what companies can afford at any point in time may be significantly underpowered and inadequate for their business needs down the lane. Leasing gives the option of quickly switching the mode to higher spec equipment that will enable businesses to work more efficiently.

Myth 3-The manufacturer will give us a better deal than leasing companies.

Manufacturing companies do have this option but we find companies still comfortable with their own set of vendors for leasing IT equipment. The reason being the manufacturer may offer a low leasing rate but the profit margin will be substantially higher. The amount of discounts that leasing companies offer will be much greater than the manufacturer. The flexibility of returning the equipment on completion of the project immediately is available only with leasing companies . Manufactures generally have a fixed time schedule of renting the equipment . Most important is the level of customized service which leasing companies offer cannot be matched with service offered from large sized manufacturers. Also the influence on decision making by the manufacturer is higher if equipment are leased from them, especially those related to subsidies.

Myth 4-When companies are moving to cloud , leasing of IT equipment is not the right option.

Certainly there is an ever-increasing trend to cloud-based software but that does not cover the end-user systems that clients use to access the cloud. IT equipment like computers, monitors, phone systems and smartphones plus document-handling devices like printers, scanners, copiers cannot be moved to the cloud. These form the bulk of the cost of your expenditure on IT equipment along with data storage and network equipment.

Lastly, if you are unsure about what is right for you, please contact us. We assure to take you through all the options which will definitely give you clarity on making the right choice.